Iron Infusions

Iron infusion can be a very effective way to treat iron deficiency if you need to reverse iron deficiency quickly, if iron tablets are causing side effects or if iron tablets are ineffective. A small cannula is inserted and an iron solution is given intravenously.

You must be 16 years old or over to have an iron infusion at this practice

If you are a patient of the practice, your doctor can book an iron infusion for you.

Unfortunately if you are not a patient of the practice, we can no longer offer this service, due to lack of clinic time

You will be given a prescription for the iron which you can generally obtain at any pharmacy – please bring this with you at the time of the infusion.  

The infusion itself takes about 30-40 minutes, but with setup time and a short rest period after, please allow 1 hour altogether.


Your initial consult will incur an out of pocket expense of $50 (that is, after the Medicare rebate)

On the day of the infusion there is another $50 out of pocket expense for the consultation and a $50 charge for use of room/consumables, meaning a total of $100 out of pocket expense (after Medicare rebate)

We will charge the full fee at the time of consultation/infusion and you can receive the Medicare rebate directly into your bank account within a couple of days